ALMA Science and Proposals Workshop

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ALMA Science and Proposals Workshop

25-27 February 2019 - Istituto di Radioastronomia Bologna, Italy

In view of the upcoming ALMA Cycle 7 proposal submission deadline on 17 April 2019, the Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre organizes a mini-workshop to bring together actual and potential ALMA users. It will be an opportunity to hear the latest scientific results and to start thinking about possible proposals and share ideas.

We encourage in particular PhD students and young researchers to attend.

We will have presentations by astronomers from the Italian community, reviewing ALMA contributions to a wide range of scientific areas:

  • Interstellar Medium: Eugenio Schisano (INAF-IAPS Roma)
  • Star Formation: Silvia Leurini (INAF-Oss. Cagliari)
  • Evolved Stars
  • AGN/Local Universe: Claudia Cicone (INAF-Oss. Brera)
  • High-z: Paolo Cassata (DFA-Univ. Padova)
  • Galaxy clusters: Myriam Gitti (DIFA-Univ. Bologna)
  • Transients: Piergiorgio Casella (INAF-Oss. Roma)

A brief overview of ALMA technical details and of the proposal preparation tools will be also given by the ARC-staff.


Abstracts of the talks here

Monday, 25/02

   13:30   Walk-in
   13:55   Welcome by the Director of IRA -- Tiziana Venturi
   14:00   Introduction to interferometry -- Elisabetta Liuzzo
   14:40   Introduction to ALMA, preparing for Cycle 7 and stats -- Jan Brand 
   15:10   Tutorial on the ALMA Science Archive -- Marcella Massardi/Kazy Rygl 
   15:40   Coffee Break
   16:10   AGN feedback and molecular gas flows in clusters of galaxies: the ALMA view -- Myriam Gitti 
   17.10   Scientific exploitation of the ALMA calibrator archive -- Matteo Bonato
   17.30   End of the session 

Tuesday, 26/02

   09:30  Walk-in
   10:00  OT: Observing Tool -- Andrea Giannetti/Nicola Marchili
   10:30  Interstellar Medium -- Eugenio Schisano
   11:30  Coffee Break
   12:00  Recent ALMA results in the field of (high-mass) star formation -- Silvia Leurini
   13:00  Hints on spectral line fitting -- Andrea Giannetti
   13:15  Testing the blast-wave feedback scenario in a local AGN -- Mattia Sirressi
   13:30  Lunch (catered)
   14:30  Panchromatic studies of high-z galaxies with deep ALMA programs -- Paolo Cassata
   15:30  ALMA observations of high redshift galaxies -- Aayush Saxena
   15:45  ALMA constrains the stellar Initial Mass Function of high-redshift dusty starburst galaxies -- Donatella Romano 
   16:00   Coffee Break
   16:30  ALMA Simulations -- Sandra Burkutean
   17:00  Current ALMA Large Programs -- Rosita Paladino
   17:30  Investigating the interstellar medium of local Seyfert galaxies by modelling their CO Spectral Line Energy Distribution -- Matilde Mingozzi
   17:45  End of session

Wednesday, 27/02

   09:30  Walk-in
   10:00  Tutorial on archive mining tools -- Sandra Burkutean/Marcella Massardi
   10:30  ALMA observations of galaxies and AGNs in the local Universe -- Claudia Cicone
   11:30  Coffee Break
   12:00  Transients -- Piergiorgio Casella
   13:00  The ALMA view of the high redshift relation between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies -- Antonio Pensabene 
   13:15  On the dust and gas content of high-redshift galaxies hosting obscured AGN in the CDF-S -- Quirino D'Amato
   13:30  The complex gas kinematics in the nuclear region of NGC 7213 -- Francesco Salvestrini
   13:45 Lunch (catered)


     Each invited speaker has been allotted a slot of one hour, which
     is comprised of a talk of 30-40 min and the remainder is available for
     questions and/or discussion. We hope that this ample time slot will create
     a relaxed atmosphere, when we don't have to worry about running late.


Registration is now closed. Please contact the Italian ARC:

Registered participants: 50 (updated to 19 Feb 2019; non include gli invited speakers [6])

  • Giulia Migliori
  • Luca Olmi
  • Viviana Casasola
  • Aayush Saxena
  • Quirino D'Amato
  • Giovanni Sabatini
  • Antonio Pensabene
  • Federica Loiacono
  • Riccardo Nanni
  • Mauro D'Onofrio
  • Silvia Raso
  • Michela Rubino
  • Beatrice Terni de Gregory
  • Andrea Botteon
  • Venturi Tiziana
  • Margherita Talia
  • Lara Pantoni
  • Alessandra Zanichelli
  • Carlo Stanghellini
  • Valentina D'Orazi
  • Virginia Cuomo
  • Dino Mesa
  • Francesco Salvestrini
  • Donatella Romano
  • Cristiano Fanelli
  • Mattia Sirressi
  • Alessandro Peca
  • Fu Xiating
  • Zhiyu Zhang
  • Deborah Costanzo
  • Gianni Bernardi
  • Michael Romano
  • Olga Cucciati
  • Marcella Brusa
  • Matilde Mingozzi
  • Ilaria Ruffa
  • Chiara Mininni
  • Daniela Vergani
  • Caterina Caravita
  • Carlo Cannarozzo
  • Stefano Fiore
  • Vincenzo Galluzzi
  • Claudia Toci
  • Silvia Belladitta
  • Raffaele Pascale
  • Giacomo Principe
  • Paola Severgnini
  • Cristian Vignali
  • Eleonora Torresi
  • Roberto Gilli

Venue, Logistics & contacts

The meeting will be held at the Congress Centre of the CNR-campus, via Gobetti 101, Bologna, Sala 216. Directions to reach the campus can be found here. Hotels close to the campus are listed here. For any request please contact the Italian ARC