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The ARC staff will support the ALMA users in all the steps of their projects, by helping in

  • using and teaching how to use the ALMA tools for proposal preparation and submission
  • tracking the project status
  • data reduction with CASA
  • archive mining

ARC members expertise in several branches of mm and submm interferometry and in handling large data sets could be requested through tutorials and face-to-face support activities.

Users who request a face-to-face support will find a reference staff member experienced in reducing interferometric data using CASA and versatile in the use of the ALMA tools.

System managers are dedicated to both the software and hardware requirements of the ARC-operations, including the application of GRID technology to ALMA data reduction.

Non-staff members could contribute to the ARC activity by supervising students, by building scientific collaborations with the staff members, or helping with staff members recruitment and funding. If you are interested in contributing to the ARC activities please contact the ARC coordinator.

Students (both undergrad and doc) could ask the staff members for thesis on ALMA subjects to be done in collaboration with the ARC node staff.

ARC members


Jan Brand
ARC Responsible
E-mail: j.brand at
Phone: +39 051 6399372
Scientific interests:

  • physics and chemistry of the galactic ISM;
  • properties of star-forming regions across the Galaxy;
  • circumstellar envelopes; masers, monitoring.

Marcella Massardi
E-mail: massardi at
Phone: +39 051 6399363
ARC activities:

  • ARC vice coordinator
  • User support
  • Data reduction
  • Formation & Outreach

Scientific interests:

  • extragalactic radio sources;
  • high-z galaxies & galaxy formation;
  • galaxy clusters and SZ effect;
  • polarimetry;
  • instrumental calibration.

Francesco Bedosti
ARC system manager
E-mail: f.bedosti at
Phone: +39 051 6399546


Matteo Bonato
E-mail: bonato at
Phone: +39 051 6399431
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • ALMA archive

Scientific interests:

  • IR and radio galaxy evolution models
  • Galaxy/AGN (co-)evolution
  • IR spectroscopy
  • SED modelling and decomposition
  • Statistical properties of galaxies

Sandra Burkutean
E-mail: burkutean at
Phone: +39 051 6399544
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • Data quality assessment
  • ALMA archive
  • Interferometer/Single-dish combination methods
  • software development

Scientific interests:

  • SZ and X-ray observations of galaxy clusters
  • shocks in the ICM

Andrea Giannetti
E-mail: agianne at
Phone: +39 051 6399357
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • ALMA archive

Scientific interests:

  • physics and chemistry of the galactic ISM
  • properties of star-forming regions across the Galaxy

Elisabetta Liuzzo
E-mail: liuzzo at
Phone: +39 051 6399542
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • Data quality assessment
  • ALMA archive
  • Formation & Outreach
  • referent for the mm-VLBI with ALMA activities

Scientific interests:

  • AGN jets;
  • Nuclear radio properties of BL Lac objects;
  • high angular resolution analysis of Low power compact radio sources and nearby radio galaxies;
  • NIR properties of Quasars.

Rosita Paladino
E-mail: paladino at
Phone: +39 051 6399548
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • Data reduction
  • Data quality assessment
  • Polarization development
  • Formation & Outreach

Scientific interests:

  • star formation in nearby galaxies;
  • magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the ISM;
  • environmental effects on star formation processes

Kazi Rygl
E-mail: kazi at
Phone: +39 051 6399357
ARC activities:

  • User support
  • mmVLBI and ALMA archive

Scientific interests:

  • low and high mass star formation
  • maser parallaxes
  • GAIA astrometry of OB stars

Eugenio Schisano
E-mail: schisano at
Phone: +39 051 6399357
ARC activities:

  • User support

Scientific interests:

ARC students and collaborators

  • Giovanni Sabatini - PhD student at UniBO
  • Federica Loiacono - PhD student at UniBO
  • Quirino D'Amato - student at UniBO
  • Francesco Salvestrini - PhD student at UniBO

Previous ARC-employees

  • Jeremie Boissier (at IRAM)
  • Viviana Casasola (now at INAF-OAA)
  • Alessandra Rossetti (now teacher at high school)
  • Francesco Fontani (now at INAF-OAA)
  • Arturo Mignano (now a high-school teacher, Casalecchio)
  • Nuria Marcelino (now at ICMMadrid)
  • Claudia Mancuso (now teacher at high school)
  • Vincenzo Galluzzi (postdoc @ OATS)