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24-25 January 2017 - IRA Istituto di Radioastronomia, Bologna, Italy

The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Center is pleased to announce a 1.5-days workshop dedicated to members of the ARC network on the archive and the imaging pipeline in Bologna on the 24th-25th of January. In this workshop we would like to discuss the archive-related on-going activities and the tools and programs that are being developed in its framework. To achieve most of these purposes the imaging pipeline plays a crucial role, so a session will be dedicated to it. In addition to the scheduled talks listed below, a few contributed talks on archive- or pipeline-related topics or archive mining science could be allocated.


The agenda is the following

-⁠Morning Jan 24th

 session 1:  archive statistics, on-going activities and development plan
       10:45 Welcome  
       11:00 Status of the archive, development plan and open issues (what is needed to set the stage Felix)
       11:30 The ALMA Re-Imaging development study: overview of its needs and purpose (Marcella) 
       12:00 The keyword filler program (Elisabetta)
       12:30 Discussion session (wish list and definition of keywords, chair:Elisabetta)

-⁠Afternoon Jan 24th

  session 2: tools for the archive: pipeline et al.
       14:30 The imaging pipeline: current capabilities and Cy5 priorities (John Hibbard)
       15:00 Demonstration of PL features and products (John)
       15:30 Tests of pipeline applicability to the archive data (Felix)
       16:00 Coffee-Break
       16:30 Discussion session (interaction pipeline-archive-filler-AQUA, definition of quality=science-readiness of PL products, chair:Marcella) 

-⁠Morning Jan 25th

   session 3⁠ Archive science and discussion
       09:00 ALMACAL: exploiting ALMA calibrator scans to carry out deep and wide (sub)millimetre surveys (contributed talk by Martin Zwaan)
       09:30 Measuring star formation rates in nearby dusty starburst galaxies using  ALMA (contributed talk by George Bendo)
       10:00 'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety' (contributed talk by Anita Richards)
       10:30 Coffee-break
       11:00 Discussion session on re-imaging (chair: Felix) 
             (including management issues for re-imaging activities, quality control, communications, products, future meetings)


Italian ARC

Martin Zwaan

George Bendo

Robert Laing

Lydia Moser

Anita Richards

Sebastien Muller

Felix Stoehr

Elizabeth Humpreys

John Hibbard


Please fill the spread sheet for registration by January 10th 2017.

Venue, Logistics & contacts

The workshop will take place in the IRA Seminar Room at the 4th floor of the IRA institute.

The Institute of Radioastronomy is located in the CNR Research Area in Bologna. It can be reached by following the directions given here.
A selection of hotels in Bologna can be found in this list.

If you have questions, please contact the Italian ARC :


Ristorante Victoria

Via Righi Augusto, 9, 40126 Bologna