ALMA science seminar tour 2016

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The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre is offering a talk about Five years after the first ALMA call to be given in the period March-April 2016 at Institutes that will request it. The seminar is intended to inform the community on some of the published scientific achievements of ALMA and its development status and capabilities. If you are interested please contact

Scheduled events:

  • 08 March - Universita' di Bologna DIFA
  • 17 March - Osservatorio astronomico di Padova
  • 22 March - SISSA Trieste
  • 01 April - Osservatorio di Radioastronomia Bologna (videocon available on request)
  • 04 April - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania

Additional events

  • Rosita Paladino - Innsbruck
  • Kazi Rygl - IAPS