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27-29 April 2010

CASA tutorial at the Italian ALMA Regional Centre (Bologna).

CASA (Common Astronomy Software Applications package) has been developed for the reduction and analysis of ALMA data, but can also handle data from other radio- and mm-interferometers.



Tutors: Alessandra Rossetti, Anita Richards, Dirk Petry, Sandra Etoka, Phillipe Salome'

The tutorial provides an introduction to most aspects of basic data reduction and analysis. The participants get to practice their data reduction skills, either on test data or on their own data.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop, and will be able to use the latest version of CASA installed on the ARC's special server, via a high-speed link. Those who wish to install CASA on their laptop should install the most recent version, through the NRAO CASA webpage.

For those who do not bring their own, a desktop PC will be provided.


The deadline has passed, and the maximum number of participants (20) has been reached. Additional registrations will be put on a waiting list. Those who register now can only participate if someone cancels, in which case they will be informed by e-mail.

Please register HERE for the waiting list.


The workshop will be held from Tuesday 27 April 9:00 to Thursday 29 April 12:00 in room 214 of the Congress Centre on the CNR campus. Directions to the campus can be found here.


Participants should arrange their own accommodation. See here for a list of hotels with special agreements with the Area della Ricerca di Bologna.

Participants (1/4/10)

The following people have been accepted as participants. If for some reason you have to cancel your participation, please let us know so that we can assign your place to someone else.

  • Baldi, Ranieri Diego (SISSA, Trieste)
  • Bizzocchi, Luca (Obs. Lisbon)
  • Bonafede, Annalisa (IRA, Bologna)
  • Bruni, Gabriele (UBO, IRA Bologna)
  • Casasola, Viviana (IRA, Bologna)
  • Giannetti, Andrea (UBO, IRA Bologna)
  • Liuzzo, Elisabetta (IRA, Bologna)
  • Lopez-Sepulcre, Ana (Arcetri, Firenze)
  • Macario, Giulia (IRA, Bologna)
  • Massardi, Marcella (OAPd, Padova)
  • Massi, Fabrizio (Arcetri, Firenze)
  • Ocana Flaquer, Breezy (IRAM Granada)
  • Orienti, Monica (UBO, Bologna)
  • Padovani, Marco (ICE-IEEC/CSIC, Catalunya Spain)
  • Piconcelli, Enrico (Oss. Monte Porzio, Roma)
  • Rodriguez Fernandez, Nemesio (IRAM, Grenoble)
  • Santangelo, Gina (UBO, IRA, Bologna)
  • Smolcic, Vernesa (Argelander Inst. f. Astron., Bonn)
  • Trasatti, Monica (IRA, Bologna)
  • Vergani, Daniela (OAB, Bologna)

Waiting list:

  • Stanghellini, Carlo (IRA, Bologna)
  • Bovinelli, Simona (Univ. Firenze & Arcetri)

Please check this web page regularly for updates.




Summary of the responses to the questionnaire