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The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre is hosted by the Istituto di Radioastronomia in Bologna and is one of the seven nodes that constitute the European network that provides technical and scientific support to ALMA users. The nodes operate in close collaboration with each other and with the ALMA Regional Centre at ESO, Garching. Each node contributes its own specific expertise, in order to ensure that maximum advantage is taken of the European competences in the field of mm-astronomy and interferometry.

Our ARC node staff support the ALMA users in all the steps of their projects, by helping in

  • ALMA proposal preparation and submission
  • optimising the observing strategy
  • tracking the project status
  • reducing interferometric data with CASA
  • archive mining
  • handling large data sets
  • polarimetry
  • mm-VLBI with ALMA

Next events at the Italian ARC:

ALMA Data Handling Workshop 9-12 February 2016, Bologna

Past Events at the Italian ARC:

ALMA proposal preparation day 2015 9 April 2015, Bologna
Terzo Workshop sull'Astronomia Millimetrica in Italia 20-21 January 2015, Bologna
Workshop on mm-VLBI with ALMA 22-23 January 2015, Bologna
iALMA internal workshop 19-20 February 2015, Bologna

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