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  • ALMA science: from Cycle 0 results to Cycle 2 preparation


  • 26/3/12, Coffee Talk IRA (Brand & Massardi) "News from the ALMA universe: ALMA observations and your ALMA Regional



  • ALMA-OT Seminar Apr-Jun 2011:

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is a major new facility for world astronomy. When completed in 2013, ALMA will consist of a giant array of 12-m antennas, with baselines up to 16 km, and an additional compact array of 7-m and 12-m antennas to greatly enhance ALMA's ability to image extended targets. ALMA is outfitted with receivers that cover atmospheric windows from 84–950 GHz (3mm – 300 micron). In this talk we present the capabilities available for the Early Science phase for which the call for proposal deadline is scheduled to June 30th 2011. We also describe the tools useful to plan and submit a proposal, the ALMA organization structure and the support that the observer can obtain at any stage from proposal preparation to data reduction.

Download the pdf here

  • ALMA data reduction with CASA Seminar Apr-Jun 2011:

CASA, the /Common Astronomy Software Applications/ package, is a suite of astronomical data reduction tools and tasks with the primary goal of supporting the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and EVLA. In this talk we will briefly present the software capabilities and the main data processing operations involved in a typical end-to-end CASA reduction session.

Download the pdf here

  • Participation to the ERIS School, September 2011, Rimini (Paladino, Rossetti, Mignano, Massardi)
  • Introduction to ALMA Cycle 0 Rosita Paladino (OABrera, OAC, Innsbruck, Pune (India))



  • Catania 24 Sep 2009



Garching 3-4 Sep 2007 (ESO ALMA Community day)