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ALMA publications with Italian ARC Node involvement

  • Mingozzi et al. (2018), MNRAS, 474, 3640, CO excitation in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 34: stars, shock or AGN driven? [1]
  • Puglisi et al. (2017), arXiv:1712.09639, Forecasting Polarized Radio Sources for CMB observations [2]
  • Sabatini et al. (2017), arXiv:1712.08834, Unveiling the inner morphology and gas kinematics of NGC 5135 with ALMA [3]
  • Pozzi et al. (2017), MNRAS, 470, L64, CO excitation in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 7130 [4]
  • Massardi et al. (2017), arXiv:1709.10427, Chandra and ALMA observations of the nuclear activity in two strongly lensed star forming galaxies [5]
  • Brusa et al. (2017), arXiv:1712.04505, Molecular outflow and feedback in the obscured Quasar XID2028 revealed by ALMA [6]
  • Mignani et al. (2017), ApJL, 851, L10, The First Detection of a Pulsar with ALMA [7]
  • Bianchi et al. (2017), A&A, 606, L7, Deuterated methanol on a solar system scale around the HH212 protostar [8]
  • Agliozzo et al. (2016), ApJ, 841, 130, The Luminous Blue Variable RMC 127 as Seen with ALMA and ATCA [9]
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  • Martin et al. (2016), arXiv:1603.01291 (accepted A&A), The unbearable opaqueness of Arp 220 ADS
  • Lindberg et al. (2016), A&A, 587, A15, Evidence for a chemically differentiated outflow in Mrk 231 ADS
  • Fuller et al. (2016), arXiv:1602.02414, The Science Case for ALMA Band 2 and Band 2+3 ADS
  • Koay et al. (2016), MNRAS, 455, 2745, ALMA probes the molecular gas reservoirs in the changing-look Seyfert galaxy Mrk 590 ADS
  • Agundez et al. (2015), ApJ, 814, 143, The Peculiar Distribution of CH3CN in IRC +10216 Seen by ALMA ADS
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  • ALMA Partnership; Hunter et al. (2015), ApJL, 808, L2, The 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign: Observations of Asteroid 3 Juno at 60 Kilometer Resolution ADS
  • ALMA Partnership; Fomalont et al. (2015), ApJL, 808, L1, An overview of the 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign ADS
  • Beltran et al. (2015), arXiv:1509.02702, Italian Science Case for ALMA Band 2+3 ADS
  • Vellila Prieto et al. (2015), ApJL, 805, L13, Si-bearing Molecules Toward IRC+10216: ALMA Unveils the Molecular Envelope of CWLeo ADS
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  • Combes et al. (2014), A&A, 565A, 97C, ALMA reveals the feeding of the Seyfert 1 nucleus in NGC 1566 ADS
  • Gilli et al. (2014), A&A, 562A, 67G, ALMA reveals a warm and compact starburst around a heavily obscured supermassive black hole at z = 4.75 ADS
  • Hunt et al. (2014), A&A, 561A, 49H, ALMA observations of cool dust in a low-metallicity starburst, SBS 0335-052 ADS
  • Combes et al. (2013), A&A, 558A, 124C, ALMA observations of feeding and feedback in nearby Seyfert galaxies: an AGN-driven outflow in NGC 1433 ADS
  • PRISM Collaboration (2013), PRISM (Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission): A White Paper on the Ultimate Polarimetric Spectro-Imaging of the Microwave and Far-Infrared Sky ADS


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