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Radio-Astronomy course - UNI Bologna 2019

  • Calib_clean Introduction to calibration, clean and mm interferometry
  • Aperture Synthesis Simulator written by Ivan Marti-Vidal (Nordic ARC)[Apsynsim]
  • First datasets:

download the file calibrators and use from a terminal tar zxvf

download the file uid___A002_X1ff7b0_X1c8_wvrcal

and use from a terminal tar zxvf

Introduction to Radio Interferometry and ALMA - UniTO 2018

(sub)mm-Astronomy with ALMA - SISSA 2018

Previous years lectures and schools

Scuola Lucchin 25-28 Maggio 2015 Populonia School website

(sub)mm-Astronomy with ALMA - SISSA 2014

Radio-Astronomy course - UNI Catania 2014

Lectures on mm astrophysics for PhD students - Bologna 2009

Scuola Nazionale "Oggetti compatti e pulsar - Scienza con ALMA" - Maracalagonis (CA) 2007 School website