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The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre is offering a talk about ALMA science: from Cycle 0 results to Cycle 2 preparation to be given after the ALMA Cycle2 proposal call will be issued (24th October 2013) at Institutes that will request it. These are the planned venues:

Date Venue Speaker

31st october Padova, OAPd - UniPD Viviana Casasola

31st october Roma, OAR Elisabetta Liuzzo

04th november Bologna, IRA Marcella Massardi

05th november Brera, OAB Viviana Casasola

12th november Trieste, SISSA Marcella Massardi

19th november Torino, UNITO Elisabetta Liuzzo

25th november Catania, OACt Marcella Massardi

28th november Napoli, OACN Rosita Paladino

A pdf version of the talk slides is here.