Statistical properties of galaxies

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Our expertise includes studies on statistical properties of galaxies, especially number counts, luminosity functions, redshift and luminosity distributions. Our statistical analyses have been mainly used to work out galaxy evolution models (see "Galaxy evolution" page), to study correlations between physical properties of populations of galaxies (Bonato et al. 2017b) and to optimize the survey strategies for different telescopes (Bonato et al. 2014a,b, 2015, 2017a). Our statistical studies have been focused on IR and radio surveys. Most of our analysed surveys have been performed by ALMA (Bonato et al. 2018), ATCA (Massardi et al. 2008, 2011a, 2013), WMAP (Massardi et al. 2009) and Planck (Massardi et al. 2011b).

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